Current Openings


Organization: InSite Solutions

Job Position: Clinical Psychologist

Requirement: PhD or PsyD in Clinical Psychology (licensed)

Salary Range: $87,350 - $103,470


Organizational Overview:

InSite Solutions is a Washington, DC-based non-profit organization that was founded and is managed by mental health professionals with a focus on delivering mental health support to communities of poverty within Washington, DC. Since 2013, InSite Solutions has provided an integrated model of school-based mental health infrastructure advancement that combines direct service with teacher coaching and capacity building. InSite Solutions’ mission is to improve the social, emotional, and academic success of pre-k through grade 12 school children living in underserved communities of Washington, DC through:

  • Building schools’ capacity to effectively understand, prevent, and respond to the behavioral health needs of the children they serve.
  • Increasing access to high quality, evidence-based mental health services (psychiatry and psychotherapy) via integrated, school-based programs.


In early 2017, InSite Solutions partnered with the Center for Innovation in School Based Mental Health at the Department of Psychiatry at Georgetown MedStar University Hospital. This joint effort teams the research and policy strength of the Department of Psychiatry with InSite Solutions' model of school-based consultation and service to ensure the highest quality outcomes for the children, families, and schools.


During SY2016-2017, InSite Solutions supported 26 schools across Washington, DC collectively servicing over 8,000 students annually.


InSite Solutions employs a professional staff of clinical psychologists, child psychiatrists and clinical social workers that provide both care and consultative support to school partners. InSite Solutions’ professional staff is trained as scientist practitioners who utilize their collective experience in school-based consultation, behavioral theory and research methodology to influence the school-based service, classroom coaching, and capacity building we provide. Our model includes the following components:


Component 1: Universal Prevention and Early Intervention (Tier 1)

Component 2: Student Mental Wellness Consultation (Tier 2 & 3)

Component 3: Direct Service (Psychotherapy and/or Medication Management) (Tier 3)

Component 4: Teacher health and wellness support

Component 5: Progress Monitoring


Classroom Behavioral Coaching

  • Provide classroom-based observations, teacher feedback, and real-time coaching/modeling for a designated cohort of teachers on a rolling basis throughout the school year. Coaching is designed to improve classroom management and increase teacher awareness of and efficacy in preventing and responding to student behaviors, in particular those driven by chronic stress and trauma.
  • Provide customized written recommendations to classroom teachers based on observations from classroom and areas of known best clinical practice, and communicate these recommendations to school leadership or capacity building team.



  • Provide weekly supervision to on site externs (PhD/PsyD candidates in Clinical Psychology) including but not limited to supervision as needed as well as individual face-to-face supervision at a rate of at least one hour per week.
  • Conduct annual performance evaluations of externs for whom you provide direct supervision.
  • Consultation and capacity building
  • Meet regularly with school leaders to provide system-wide and school-wide consultation.
  • Meet weekly with a team of school staff (as chosen by school leaders) to build capacity for ongoing teacher/classroom coaching.



  • Construct and deliver professional development trainings as requested by the school and in accordance with the negotiated scope of work (trainings may occur outside of traditional works hours, as listed above).
  • Provide performance feedback as needed for externs


Management of data collection protocols

  • Oversee the implementation of data collection protocols
  • Condense data for usage by InSite’s research team
  • Communicate results as needed to school teams


Progress Reporting

  • When requested, provide written summaries of progress in delivering InSite’s programs to school partners.


Community Interface

  • Assist schools with referrals for community mental health support, when requested.
  • Vet those organizations to whom you refer families via phone or in-person meetings to ensure best practices are being employed prior to making clinical referrals
  • Continue to build upon and refine clinical and community referral network to support the school’s student and parents



·      PhD or PsyD in Clinical Psychology (licensed)

·      At least 1 year of experience working within school systems (preferred)

·      At least 3 years of experience working with children or adolescents

·      Student extern supervision experience (preferred)

·      Completion of APA Accredited Internship

To Apply:

·      Please send CV and Cover Letter electroncially to Aaron Rakow at