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“The families we serve no longer have to be placed on a three- to six-month waiting list to get the mental health services their child needs to be successful in school and life. Our work on behalf of children is much more effective because of our partnership with InSite Solutions.”

-   School Leader, Washington, DC

“As a result of our work with InSite Solutions, our school has turned students who have presented severe behavior challenges into the successful students the school and their families know they can be.”                                                                                   - School Leader, Washington, DC


“InSite meets weekly with me, my vice principals, and our school social worker to provide ongoing advisement around school, classroom, and individual student behavioral health needs. The advice and training they provide is invaluable, has improved confidence among school’s faculty, and has strengthened the emotional and academic success of our students.”

- School Leader, Washington, DC

“Since collaborating with InSite Solutions, I have seen teachers handling classroom difficulties more effectively, parents being more open to mental health support for their children and themselves, and students feeing happier and better prepared to learn.”

- School Leader, Washington, DC

“InSite Solutions’ team of therapists and psychiatrists have provided much-needed mental health treatments to families throughout KIPP DC who otherwise would not receive services due to limitations of insurance or an array of other barriers to care.”

- School Leader, Washington, DC


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