Providing Customized School Based

Mental Health Solutions to Communities in Need 

InSite Solutions' Clinic Without Walls

 Clinic Without Walls

Clinic Without Walls

High-quality, wrap-around mental healthcare conveniently delivered within schools

Trauma-Informed Coaching

 Trauma-Informed Coaching

Trauma-Informed Coaching

Professional staff development in trauma-sensitive teaching and classroom behavioral support 

School-Wide Capacity Building

 Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Customized consultation on social-emotional curricula, system-wide interventions, and mental health triage

Graduate Training and Supervision

 Graduate Student Training  

Graduate Student Training  

Doctoral training opportunities in evidence-based school mental health delivery and consultation

Welcome to InSite Solutions! 

Innovating School-Based Mental Health Support in Washington, DC


of children experience some form of mental illness before age of 18


of children in need of mental health treatment receive care

Untreated child mental health problems are a leading cause of academic failure and teacher turnover

Our Mission

To improve the social, emotional, and academic success of youth living in underserved communities, through:

1.     Increasing access to high quality, wrap-around mental health services through integrated, school-based programs

2.     Building capacity within all levels of educational systems to effectively understand, prevent, and respond to mental health challenges from a trauma-sensitive perspective

3.     Utilizing data-driven approaches to systematically create, advocate for, and disseminate scalable, evidence-based solutions