A fully customizable behavioral data collection system for classroom use

Classroom-Based Behavioral Data collection 

Classroom-Based Behavioral Data collection 


Available for the iPhone & iPad 


A mobile behavioral data library at your fingertips

Function 1

First, it provides a platform from which classroom teachers can record the antecedents, behaviors and consequences of classroom incidents in real time including the duration, frequency and timing of the event.  All data entered are then automatically graphed and can be displayed by the day, week, month or year for use in IEP meetings, when conducting Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) or developing Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP). 

Function 2

Second, it serves as a platform from which a teacher can rate the effectiveness of social/emotional interventions and BIP goals, which can then inform modification or enhancement of the child's overall behavior management plan. 

Function 3

Third, it provides a platform from which routine behavioral health assessment can be conducted. This useful tools allows school staff to confidentially asses the child's overall behavioral health functioning via empirically supported mental health screening questionnaires to inform intervention.