:Our Model

Research indicates that child emotional and behavioral challenges present as one of the largest negative influencers on the academic learning process. In underserved communities, risk and rates of mental health difficulties are high, but resources are often severely lacking. InSite Solutions' mission is to help resolve this disparity by providing training and technical consultation to school systems and teacher training to increase educational the mental health and wellbeing for youth of Washington, DC, and, in turn, academic achievement and long-term success. 

:Capacity Building with School Leadership and Support Staff. Our team of clinical psychologists provide training to and consult with school leaders and relevant support staff on trauma informed care, teacher wellbeing, and strategies to support the emotional and behavioral needs of children. Our team works to disseminate to school leadership strategies for improving existing intervention plans, enhancing data tracking strategies, and modifying classroom responses to build capacity toward an overall school-wide evidenced-based approach to supporting students with similar needs.