Empowering educators in trauma-sensitive teaching and classroom management techniques.

School leaders and teachers benefit from learning strategies and techniques to most effectively manage the manifestation of traumatic stress and other adverse childhood events within their schools and classrooms. This is why InSite Solutions offers a Fellowship in Trauma Sensitive Teaching. Through a combination of trauma-informed training seminars and targeted classroom coaching, InSite Solutions increases staff knowledge, empathy, and skill with regard to student social-emotional health, while simultaneously enhancing the school’s internal capacity.


: Part 1

Training seminars in trauma sensitive teaching cover a variety of topics to facilitate knowledge and skill growth. Example topics include:

  •  Neurological and developmental outcomes of traumatic and chronic childhood stress

  • Strategies for preventing, identifying, and responding to emotional and behavioral difficulties

  • Training in trauma-sensitive classroom curricula that increase student emotion regulation skills

: Part 2

Targeted classroom coaching ensures educators feel comfortable with and apply this new knowledge. Teachers receive:


  • Regular non-evaluative classroom observations

  • Collaborative feedback sessions

  • In-the-moment classroom coaching